Gosh, Summer is flying right by us!  School is already starting for some and we are taking Senior Photos for the 2016 graduates.  Here is Addison who recently visited California and wanted to do his senior portraits at the beach.  He lives and goes to school in Wisconsin, so this is definitely something different and will stand out.  His family was so excited to have a beach portrait done in Laguna to submit for his yearbook photo.  How cool will that be?

Addison was super cool to work with.  It was great that he included his baseball jersey for a few shots.  That is what this year is about.  Showing who you are and what you like to do to document this time of your life.  Congratulations Addison, we hope you have a great Senior year!!!



This was one of my favorite shots.

It shows off Addison’s baseball jersey but also shows him looking off.  Almost a symbol of what lies ahead with his Senior year in high school and graduation!


This is my dear friend Maggie’s son, Matthew. These boys are cousins so he crashed the Senior Portrait session, I love it!


Addison with his Mom, Heather!  This is a big moment for your parents too.  Congrats to them as well.