Years ago we met at a studio where we shared a dream that has become reality.
We are passionate about art & photography.
We can just walk with each other and notice how the light affects a subject and the other understands.


A style like no other, each wedding or portrait is different.
We want to capture your personality in a uniquely modern way…your way.
Stunning. Amazing. Talented. That is how our images have been described.
Hugs at the end of a sitting after we have only just met.
To experience that sense of importance as you make an impression on someone’s life in such a short period of time, that’s why we do what we do.


We are both easy going individuals.
We love to travel, and we go wherever our path leads us.
No matter what we do there are always photos involved, especially the one’s Dana takes of herself!
We love a good bottle of wine, particularly when we can share it with good friends.
Family is important to us, especially our son, Hudson!

Capturing the little moments of your life with creativity and ease, it is an experience like no other. Share it with us, you will love being in front of our camera.