Phil & Julia = Engaged


We loved photographing Phil and Julia.  Oh, and don’t forget Bebe, their dog.  She is here too!  Phil and Julia decided on an Urban look for their engagement portrait.  Julia is a designer and she likes the look of texture and architecture.  Turns out it fit the fun personalities of these two just perfectly.  You wouldn’t think that such a simple wall background would make such a sweet photo! Lots of cute moments to share of our friends.


Engagement portrait with couple and ampersand sign

This was one of my favorite shots of the day with the couple holding an ampersand sign. I love the windows too!

Couple with ampersand sign at feet

Julia is such a doll… I just love her!

Phil is looking like a “Lucky” guy… loved the shirt!

Orange County Urban Fashion Portrait

Cute skull dress Miss Julia!

I loved  Julia’s dress with the heart shape back.  So appropriate for engagement photos! 🙂

Urban Couple Portrait with their dog

Here’s Bebe, the dog.  We think she missed her calling as “doggy model”.  So cute!

Cute focus on the groom-to-be!

Couple walking by the railroad tracks

Couple with Balloons for Engagement Photo

Congratulations to Phil & Julia.  We can’t wait to shoot the wedding in Las Vegas next month!
Vegas Baby!!!