The perfectionist in me, strikes again! Jeff and I are always coming up with new ideas to always strive for the next step. We feel it is important to keep growing in both our personal and business life, so we tend to bounce ideas off each other which usually start me saying, “Hey babe” and Jeff goes…”Yessssssss”! I am sure he is totally wondering what is she going to come up with now!!!

Recently, you may have noticed that we added a splash page to the intro of our site. If you haven’t seen it yet, please go to the website and check it out. You don’t want to miss it! We were so happy to add this because it really shows a “splash” of what we do! The images are some of our favorites, and we wanted to implement what we are about which is Simple + Modern + Casual and how we portray this in our photography.

With the fabulous flash design from Tanya Ahedo at Design Action Studios, our goal was accomplished. She took our vision and turned it into a reality! Tanya has a great personality, and is very easy to work with, so the Sipper’s clicked with her right away! Since then, we have had the opportunity to shoot Tanya. She wanted some photos for fun, so we met up with her and Craig, her fabulous fiance, and rocked it!  The two shared some amazing moments. We always encourage our clients to just have fun, and so they did. As Tanya quoted on all the fun “That is how we roll”!

I have to say…we just loved hanging out with them, as you will see in the following moments. Thanks again Tanya for your fabulous design!

Enjoy- J+D