Sometimes we need to travel across the country or even across the world to find the one we are supposed to be with.  This last week I realized it has been 11 years already since I left home and traveled across the country from PA to CA to start a new life for myself.  My goal moving here was to pursue my photography career and  somehow along the way, I found the love of my life.  You never know where you are going to connect with the one who you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with.  I was amazed at Mark and Jean’s story as they are both from Chicago and didn’t live far from each other.  A mutual friend happened to know that they were both out here, so they decided to connect. It is safe to say that the two met and hit it off because now we are taking engagement photos of the two together.  Mark and Jean are a great couple!  We want to congratulate them on finding “the one” and we look forward to shooting their wedding in July.  Thanks for sharing your story with us.  Cheers, J+D

This shot was taken on a Southern California Beach, but it made me feel like we were at The Shore!  A little back East style!

Mark+Jean in the sand!

A little Chicago connection as we shot this in front of Silvio’s in Hermosa Beach.