Hey kids!

Welcome to another oh-so exciting Weekly Wednesday blog here at the Sipper Photography site!  Gotta love Wednesdays… it’s the middle of the week, the weekend is almost here, and plans are starting to come together!

This weekend, Dana and I are off to fabulous Las Vegas for a birthday weekend with our neighbors, Kylee and Franjo, for Kylee’s 25th birthday!  The weather looks like it’s going to be nice, about 100 degrees during the day, and a toasty 83 at night.  I’m normally not a huge Vegas guy (Dana likes it more than me) but I’m really looking forward to getting out of town!

Ya know what I really hate about Summer?  There is absolutely NOTHING on TV!  Nada!  Tuesday night’s exciting selection was “Celebrity Family Feud” or “I survived a Japanese game show”.  Ack!  Better off playing around on the computer!

Well, I hate summer, but I love July!  Come on, it’s Tour de France time!  What?  You aren’t watching it?  You are truly missing out.  It’s a good race this year, and any of the top guys could win it!  Right now, I’m pulling for Christian Vandevelde from the Garmin-Chipotle team to take it all!

We are working on the latest version of the Sipper Photo website, and if luck holds out, we’ll re-launch it around August 1st.  The basic framework is done, and it’s just a matter of tweaking some pictures, and getting everything squared away!

Here is this week’s picture… Dana shot this last week at Lucille’s BBQ with a few people she works with.  This was an extra shot from the PinkBerry shots from below!

Well that’s all for this week!  Hopefully we’ll shoot a few good pics in Vega$$$, and post them up next week!

See ya then!

Jeff and Dana