Hey Kids!

We’ve been super busy lately, and have totally forgot to drop some  Weekly Wednesday action for ya!  This week, we decided to wrap up our Minnesota trip with a few pics we shot for fun while walking around downtown Minneapolis, and a few random places along the way.  For those of you who don’t follow us on Twitter, or Facebook, you missed out on seeing all the details as they happened, including a ridiculously long layover in the lovely Dallas-Ft. Worth airport.  There was a pretty gnarly lightning storm around Dallas, and kept us up in the air an extra hour.  Once we landed, we grabbed something to eat, and waited around for our flight to board.  About 30 minutes later we hear over the loudspeaker that they have closed to the airport, and they would let us know when they would reopen.  Great.  Well, the airport opened and closed about 4 more times before we actually boarded the plane.  We should have arrived at the airport here at around 10:30.  Instead, we didn’t land until after 1am, and by the time we got our bags, got our car, and drove home, it was nearly 2am.  Bah!  But we made it home safely, and that’s all that really matters.

We are going to take our chances in a couple weeks as we fly out to New Orleans for some MUCH needed relaxing.  If any of you are in New Orleans, and wanna hook up for a drink, or some pics, hit us up.  We don’t have any definite plans, as usual, and will most likely be spending our time walking around and taking pictures, eating killer food, and enjoying a cocktail, or three!

Here come the pics…

Travel Photography Orange County

I just love this woman’s red hair.  This was my view for a few hours on the flight out!

View of the Stone Arch Bridge, and Minneapolis in the background.

And, last, but not least… a few handheld self portraits.  Clockwise from the top left: Us after the wedding, enjoying a drink, and some Pizza; Having a Dark and Stormy at the Sample Room; On the Stone Arch Bridge, overlooking the Mississippi River; In front of the Mall of America!

Oh, and since I didn’t write in there who took which pics, we’ll open it up to guesses!  The person with the most correct gets 500 points! GO! 🙂