Hey Kids!

Welcome to the first Weekly Wednesday post of 2009.  It seems like forever since I’ve done one of these, but really, maybe it’s only been a couple weeks!

So how was everyone’s New Years?  Ours was pretty mellow.  Dana had to go to the dentist, and get a crown on New Years’s Eve, so she wasn’t much for going out and doing anything.  We just stayed at home, watched the ball drop, and went to bed.  Oh yes, we lead an exciting life!

We did welcome into the family our first Niece, Emmi Victoria, as my sister and her husband had their baby on New Year’s Eve.  We are going to head up to Pleasanton next week to meet her!

Oh, and it’s my sister’s Birthday today, so I gotta put a shout out to her!  Happy Birthday Jen!

Did any of you make any resolutions for the new year?  I didn’t… I never really do.  Usually when I do, they just consist of trying to spend more time outdoors, or more mileage on the bike, or something like that.

If anything, we are making goals.  Goals for our business, goals for our life.  Planning things out, and getting things done.  So far, things seem to be looking up!

About riding my bike.  I’ve been less of a wuss lately, and braving the cold weather here in SoCal (in the 40’s in the morning some days!  Brrr!), and getting out there on my bike.  I make a big deal of actually getting out of the house, but after about 15 minutes on the bike, I’m nice and warm, and it’s all good.

I have the Tour of Palm Springs coming up in a little over a month.  103 miles, if the website I saw was correct on the mileage.  I get to ride with my friend, Tony, so that is always fun.  I hope he’s been getting some riding in… 100 miles isn’t a super easy task, even if it isn’t very hilly, like this one isn’t.  I find, for myself, that after 70 miles, it becomes more of a mental challenge.  Your legs go on auto-pilot, but the voices in your head keep telling you that this is stupid, and you should really just pull over and wait for the wussy wagon to come get you!  But, you keep riding, and next thing you know, you are at mile 90, and it’s cruise control right into the finish line! 🙂

Well, that’s all I got for this week.  Be on the lookout for a VERY special sitting that Dana and I were privileged to be a part of coming soon.