Hola Amigos!

Had a semi-relaxing past weekend.  Dana was up at my sister’s place for her baby shower, I got to stay home, and go to a hockey game with my Dad and Brother in Law.

Saturday, I went to the Dentist, (No Cavities!) took Dana’s car to the shop for some tires and such, then came home to work on some pictures, and clear out some leftover stuff that has been sitting on the DVR for awhile.  Just about caught up on everything from True Blood to Mad Men.

And then it happened.  I was sitting at the computer working on some pictures, when all of a sudden my back started to tighten up, and got to the point where I couldn’t twist my neck at all.  Bah!

There went my bike ride on Sunday.  I was, more or less, immobilized on the couch.  We did have a photo shoot in the afternoon when Dana flew back in.  I somehow managed to get thru that with out too much pain, so it was all good!  Dana shot some amazing pictures of the Samonte Family that we will be posting up in a few days.  We’ll give you a sneak preview at the end of this post!

Is anyone out there on Blip.fm?  I was just introduced to it by Suzanne Broughton who I follow on Twitter, and her blog.  It’s a cool setup, you just pick songs, and create your own playlist.  People can listen to the songs you pick, and give you props on the song if they dig it.  I’ve been checking out other people’s playlists, and have been hearing a lot of cool new music, plus a lot of older stuff I’d totally forgotten about!  Check it out!

This weekend we venture east to the great state of Arizona.  I guess we are out of my blackout months (yes, I do have blackout months, just ask Dana, or her sisters!) so we are taking off on Friday, going to shoot some sittings on Saturday and Sunday, and come back on Monday.  If we have any followers in AZ, particularly around the Chandler area, hit me up, and tell me some cool places to check out for a frosty beverage!

Well, that’s about all I have this week.  Check out this picture, and be on the lookout fot the full post in a few days! 🙂