Hey kids!

First off, I wanna thank everyone who has been dropping by and leaving comments on the blog lately.  I know we don’t always write back, but believe me, we appreciate it!  We’ve been pretty busy lately, as you can tell by the pics we’ve been posting.  We have a few more sittings scheduled in the next couple weeks, so be on the lookout for more pictures posted!

Anyone else watching the Olympics?  I never really think I’m going to get into them, but this time around, I seem to be watching every night!  Looks like Michael Phelps broke the all-time record last night, and the way he’s been swimming, he might just take Mark Spitz’s record from him too.  That guy is amazing!

Been too busy to see any movies lately.  Still haven’t seen Dark Knight, yet.  We are probably the last two people left who haven’t seen it.  Tropic Thunder opens today, and looks great.  Might have to try and squeeze that in this weekend.

How many of you are on Twitter or Facebook?  You can follow us on both sites, and get an idea as to what we are up to every day.  We’ve been on Twitter for a few months now, and have really noticed a huge bump in traffic, and it’s a great way to meet new people!  Here are the links- Jeff’s Twitter, Dana’s Twitter and Our Facebook page!

Are you, or someone you know getting married next year?  We are currently booking dates for 2009!  So, drop us a line, and we can discuss all of your wedding photo needs!

That’s about all I’ve got for a Wednesday.  Just busy, busy, busy!  Take care, and keep checking back for new work!