Today we share with you the fabulous wedding of Tony + Annie. As some of you may know, we recently traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota for this wonderful wedding. A few months ago, we spoke with David Esquire of Esquire Photography about his brother’s upcoming wedding. Oh what to do when you are a wedding photographer, and have a wedding to be in. David was asked to be his brother Tony’s Best Man, and rightfully so, the two are inseparable and so much fun to be around. As a fellow photographer, I can understand that you always want the best when it comes time for your own family to be photographed. It is sometimes hard to give up the role of what you know best, and let someone take the reigns. After a few phone conversations we hit it off with the two and were asked to take those reigns.  Jeff and I were honored and so we headed out to Minnesota to meet this beautiful couple and share their day with them and their family.

Tony and Annie are a spectacular couple! The two met about 5 years ago in Chicago where on their first date they walked the streets of Chicago until 5am just talking, laughing and getting to know one another.  They got engaged one winter in the snow after playing frisbee.  Both of them love the outdoors, especially snowboarding! This love led them to the idea of having their wedding reception at the Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area in Bloomington, MN. These two genuinely enjoy spending time together and really wanted the day to be about their love and the things they love. They expressed how they wanted to be caught up in the moments and their love for the day. We enjoyed our time with them immensely as we were able to capture many beautiful moments. Speaking, of things they love, Tony is very involved with the Subaru Club in Minnesota and so we did some fun shots with his car. This was about them and all of these photos show the fun, love and moments of Tony and Annie’s wedding day.

We truly wish them the best in their new life together and want to thank them for having us visit Minnesota and shoot their wedding. It was so great to be a part of their lives on such an important day and be able to share all of these happy moments with them. We truly love what we do!

A great big “Thank You” to David and his wife Katherine for sharing your family with us, we are honored and will never forget it. Much love and happiness to all of you!

And so we give you the newly married couple…Tony + Annie! Enjoy the moments, J+D

Annie and Tony

Great wedding party, we loved meeting all of you!

Annie is just a beautiful bride, just a fun-loving girl…love her!

Our Groom… need we say more! This shot says it all…he ROCKS!

Tony with his Best Man and Brother, David Esquire… you guys look awesome!

What a view at the top of the Mountain as the two sit in the Ski Lift!

Tony checking out his new wife!

Such an amazing moment for these two!

Love this moment, one of my favorites!

A special thanks to all of the coordinator’s:

Martha, Group Services Coordinator at Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area

Kristina + Sarah,