Today, we share with you the beautiful love story of Kelli-Rae and Dan. I have known Kelli-Rae for a little over two years now, we used to work together. A few of us ladies got together from the old workplace for lunch a few months back so we could catch up on all that had been going on in our lives since we last saw each other. We had seen on Facebook that Kelli-Rae was engaged but finally got to get all of the details and see her fabulous ring in person. She told us the story of how the two made a little escape to the Embassy Suites for the night and as they arrived and took a moment on the balcony with some champagne, he gave her a letter that read:

“This is the day I ask you to be my wife” she looked down and he was on one knee and asked her “Will you marry me”. After 5 years of dating she said “YES”!

I was so happy when Kelli-Rae asked us to do her engagement session photos, they wanted to do something different and creative. I know Dan is a writer, he recently had a premiere for his horror film Farmhouse and Kelli-Rae loves theater and music. Since I have known her she has been in a few productions and also had the opportunity to get on stage and sing with the band Sugarland! We have had the opportunity to sing together as well, there has been a time or two of Karaoke together for office parties, good times. That is what she wanted the session to be all about, good times and so we decided on doing their session in a local Theater. It was something that represented both of them, they have a total love for movies, and that is one of the things they love doing together. She wanted them to just have fun, throw popcorn at each other and be in the moment. We ended up shooting in Garden Grove at the The Gem Theater where Kelli-Rae recently performed in the production “The Best Little Whore House in Texas”.

We had an awesome session in the theater and also walked around the house and downtown Garden Grove…as we documented the excitement and love of the two’s engagement. They were a fun couple, full of love, laughter and moments and so we share with you Kelli-Rae and Dan…we had an amazing time documenting your engagement and love, thanks for sharing with us. Congrats to you both! J+D

The two will be using one of these images with the marquee for their Save the Dates…so cool!

Theater E-Session…starring Kelli-Rae and Dan!

Love in the Theater!

These two are totally goofy…and throwing of the popcorn shall begin!

Popcorn in Dan’s face…

Popcorn in Kelli-Rae’s face…the guys always go Big…they do that with the wedding cake too!

After the popcorn fight, there is still love!

One of my favorite shots taken in the lobby of the theater!

A ring, it’s official…I love this shot!

What a beautiful moment!