Donald and Cassiti said their wedding vows at Moss Beach.  This strand of beach in Laguna makes for an intimate and private spot to exchange your wedding vows.  The couple celebrated with their reception that followed at a private Newport Beach vacation home.  We loved working with Donald and Cassiti on this romantic and special day with them.

Congratulations to you both! J+D


Cassiti’s Wedding Gown

Coco Chanel Perfume Bottle with the brides pearls draped around it.

Bridal Bouquet

Cassiti and Donald exchanging their wedding vows at Moss Beach.

This was so romantic.
A shot of Cassiti and Donald as they throw a bottle with their written vows into the ocean.

Just married!

Moss Beach is a gorgeous spot for wedding photos!

A shot of the couple in front of the vacation home in Newport Beach where their wedding reception was being held.

Fun shot of the bride and groom playing pool!