Good Morning!  Looking back we have been on the go a lot over the past several weeks.   Today is L.A as we celebrate my Cousin Adrian’s college graduation.  I am so proud of him!  I watched my little cousin grow up into a fine young man and though we have about a 14 year age difference between the two of us, we were always close.   It is a pleasure to have him in our family, but Jeff & I also love to just  hang out with him and chill as friends do.  Adrian is about to open a new chapter in his life with his film studies and start on his career in Hollywood.  He is truly talented and we wish him all the best in his feature endeavors.  Much love to you Coz, cheers!

Speaking of on-the-go…here is a little sneak-peek from the wedding we did in Sonoma a few days ago.  Congrats to Alex+Brianne as they start a new chapter in their lives too.  This shot was taken in Arbor Park where they had their ceremony at Sebastiani Winery.   Such a beautiful place to say your vows!  Please check back as we will have more photos posted this week from their wedding story.  Cheers, J+D