Yesterday I met our niece Emmi for the first time, I am so excited to be an aunt. I have been around so many babies over the years, but it is so different when you  hold a new baby that is your family. We are so excited. I am up in Pleasanton visiting my sister-in-law, Andy & Emmi for a few days. Jeff will be joining us tomorrow night, so I am excited for him to meet her too. Today we are keeping it mellow, we took a trip to Target for a couple things and for lunch we ate some great homemade tamales that Andy & Jenn made over the holidays (they both made them…don’t know who worked the hardest, but they were awesome)! Here are a few snapshots I took today of Miss Em, we will be taking more photos over the next couple of days for her birth announcement and such. Stay tuned…J+D (Aunt Dana)

Emmi sleeping

Emmi Sleeping

Ready for our 1st Trip to Target…shopping habits begin!