I know it has been a few weeks since we have posted. I love to blog and share with you all of the happenings with Sipper Photography, but as things get busy it tends to be one of those things I have a hard time getting to.  So, it has been a very busy time for us with both work and our personal lives!  There have been a lot of moments to share over the last month or so with our our family, friends and clients. We have had new babies being born both in our family and to our dear friends Carol and Jesse who just welcomed Baby Noah into the world. I have some photos of him to share today! Also, this weekend we get to meet our new niece Kelsey, I am so excited. It has definitely been a great time for Aunt Dana, as I love all of these little ones.

We have had weddings and newly engaged couples to photograph too and they will all be making a debut here at the blog over the next couple of weeks.   It is so great to share all of these wonderful moments with all of you. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE what we do!!!!!

Now for what you all have been waiting for. Some photos of Baby Noah at only 6 days old…so precious! Cheers+Love to all, J+D!