Being pregnant is such a special time in your life.  I was so glad that my husband Jeff took some maternity photos of me so I could remember my pregnancy.  After the baby comes, these moments remind of you of the journey it took to get your little one here.  I know it is hard being 9 months pregnant and the last thing you want to do is take photos, but we have to embrace the belly.  I decided to pick up my swollen ankles off the couch and get my hair and make-up done, so I could take these photos.  My friend Kylee Kneefel at the W Salon did a wonderful job as usual making me look fabulous!  I felt gorgeous!  Thanks so much my friend.

Also, to my wonderful husband who is the other half of Sipper Photography.  You captured me perfectly.  Thank you for taking our photos.  I am so glad you jumped in for a couple self portraits too.  Love you babe!
Cheers to Hudson Baby!