Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone brought in 2009 with a smile on there face and a kiss on the cheek. New Year’s Eve rocked for the Sipper-Aguiar families as we welcomed our new niece into the world at 6:48pm. Emmi Victoria Aguiar was born 5.1 pounds, 18 1/2 inches. Congratulations to Andy & Jenn on becoming parents to a beautiful little girl and to Jeff’s parents on there 1st grandchild!

Jeff & I partied in up in New Orleans last year when we welcomed in 2008, but the first part of the year had its ups and downs. We seriously considered moving out of state and making a fresh start, but as the housing market took a plunge we decided it wasn’t the best time to sell our condo. So, it was time to just make a change here and with that came new friends, a thriving photo business & a new family member.

We are so looking forward to 2009, yes the economy is struggling, but what we do makes a difference! We share moments in peoples lives that are important, the dollar can be worth whatever we want it to be. When the gift of family, new life and sometimes even death are cherished, there is no dollar amount that can replace that! That is why Jeff & I do what we do because it just means something!

Our goal this year is to really grow Sipper Photography, we want to make more friends, more memories and just have fun! Our motto is Simple+Modern+Casual…we want our clients to just be themselves, have fun and we will do the rest. Once we decided who we wanted to be as a photography couple things just flourished. Jeff & I absolutely adore each other…we are easy-going people who just love each other and I firmly believe that comes out in our sessions.

We would love to work with many more fabulous people in 2009, so if you know anyone who is engaged, getting married, has a new baby, families or just because…we want you in front of our camera!

Today, we wish all of you a Happy & Prosperous New Year! Here we will share with you some of our favorites from 2008 and look forward to many more in the next year.

Much love & happiness,


With Us…it’s just fun! Simple+Modern+Casual with J+D…we look forward to 2009 with you!