This one’s for you Amber girl! This is her second blog at Sipper Photography. Here is Amber, Jessica & Holly…the Collins sisters. Amber is the oldest of 3 girls, just like me! A big “HELLO” goes out to my two sisters…Gloria & Cindy….see ya this weekend girls. We are heading out to Arizona on Friday to shoot 3 sittings my sister Gloria scheduled with some of her friends & co-workers. Stay tuned for those sittings next week.

We took this portrait at the Fullerton Arboretum for their mom’s birthday. Of course it wasn’t just the girls, our model Anthony, made a cameo and was in several shots as well. Everyone did a great job and their mom is going to love her gift of having all of her girls & her grandson in one photo. Thanks to all the ladies and Anthony, everyone did a great job.

Let us know what you think…enjoy!


Amber, Jessica & Holly

Amber, Jessica, Holly & Anthony

Up in the tree…

What a good looking family!

Amber girl…looking beautiful!

Amber & Anthony…possible Xmas card maybe!

Jessica…I love her eyes!

Jessica with her Nephew Anthony…all the girls got a pic with him.

Holly looking pretty!

Holly and her Nephew Anthony

And last, but not least…our favorite little model…Anthony!