I love doing family portraits, especially when my families are twice the fun.  Today I share with you Peter, Sharmini and their twins Dylan and Serena.  When I shoot family portraits I try to  make sure I get a great shot of the family together, the kids together and each individual child’s shot.  I also like to get a shot of mom and dad together because that is where family all starts from and I think it is important to remember that.  After all that, my hope is that the family breaks loose and just has fun with a few shots.  It’s the laughter, fun, jokes and being together that makes a family memory.

This family shines like rock stars in their last pose, which was one of dad’s favorites.  Love it!  Thanks to all of you for sharing your family moments with us.  Such a pleasure!  J+D


Family Times!


Dylan and Serena joke around with each other.  Sometimes a moment is the best photo!




Can’t forget where family started, with our parents.  Love this shot of Peter and Sharmini.


Such a fun family.  Here they strike a rock star pose… album cover style!