Happy Friday to all…hope everyone had a great week! This month I had the amazing opportunity to shoot a feature photo for an article in OC Family Magazine. The fabulous Suzanne Broughton has announced that she will be joining OC Family as the featured mom blogger online at  ocfamily.com . She will be in great company with some other fabulous OC Mom’s who will be blogging also about their lives and experiences in Orange County. If you are searching for new ideas, I am sure some of the blogs will also be about places and things to do in OC with your families. Feel free to stop by periodically and see what the ladies have to say, maybe you’ll find something new to do or just feel as if there is someone out there with similar experiences as you. You can view the article online here.  Here is the printed version too, I am so proud!

Wishing you all a great weekend, and Happy Halloween! Enjoy all of your great family moments. J+D

My photo of the OC Family’s New Mom Bloggers, shot in Newport Beach

I loved the title…You’re soooo O.C.