Well, the holiday season is in full swing.  I am sure some of you have already been celebrating your traditions.  For us it has been a busy one, in fact I was still wrapping the last few gifts just the other day.  Earlier this month we took a trip up to the Bay Area to visit with Jeff’s sister and celebrate our Christmas with them.  Every year we also get to see this wonderful family and do their portrait for their holiday card.  It is funny how the kids get a little older and the photos become a little easier to capture.  Lincoln and Victoria did an AWESOME job this year because not only did they take great photos, but actually struck a few poses too.

Thanks guys for having us do your photos again this year.  We look forward to next year!
Happy Holidays!

And the winner is… this was the holiday card photo!

We were so excited to receive ours in the mail yesterday!

Such a sweet moment of Lincoln + Victoria

Loved this one of Victoria!!! 🙂