Recently we celebrated Mike and Maggie’s engagement with a little wine tasting and photos out in Temecula.  This was a little different engagement session as the two just wanted to spend the day together and take some moments as we went along.

Maggie and I actually go way back.  We went to the same high school in State College, PA but she was a few years behind me, so we didn’t actually meet until college.  We both worked as bank tellers during our days at Penn State and then we lost touch after I had moved away.  After all these years, Maggie and I reconnected on Facebook…imagine that!  Then I found out she lived out here in California too and was only about a half hour away from where we lived.  I was totally excited because it was a familiar face from back home.

It has been so great to catch up with each others lives!  One of the best things to hear was that Maggie was engaged to a great guy and planning their wedding.  So, not only did I find an old friend, but we get to shoot her wedding. We are so excited to share in this fabulous day with them.  Until then, we have some great moments of the two on our day in Temecula.

So, our day started out at Ponte Winery where we had a fabulous lunch in which I tried my first cooked mussel.  That was an adventure for me!  We then stopped at Monte de Oro Winery which is a new winery out there that is just gorgeous and they have some great wines!  Finally, we ended at one of my favorites, Leonesse Cellars where we took a few shots in the vines. All I have to say is… AMAZING!!!  Love, Wine and the Vines you can’t go wrong celebrating your love there for your wedding or engagement!

Congratulations to Mike and Maggie, we can’t wait to shoot your wedding!  Thanks for spending the day with us and sharing some fabulous moments with us.  Cheers to you both! J+D

I love Maggie’s expression in this one!

Voted a favorite by all of us!

Love in the Vines!