Yo yo yo yo!

Well, the results are in and you guys voted to make Sipper Photography one of the Top 5 wedding photographers in Orange County for ’09 on the FoxLA website! How cool is that?

It woulda been great to win, but, seeing as how a year ago, we weren’t even on the map, it’s pretty exciting for us!  We couldn’t have done it without the help and support of all of our friends, and clients over the past year.  It really amazes me how far we’ve come in such a short time!  Seems funny to say that, since Dana and I have been together almost 10 years, and have shot together for nearly that long.  It was only about a year ago, we finally got everything together, and really went full bore into doing what we really love to do!

As usual, it seems, we’ve been pretty busy!  Last weekend we spent Saturday up in Santa Ynez, hitting some wineries and meeting new people.  Sunday we had a great photo shoot at the beach, where it just happened to be about 80 degrees and perfect!  Sunday night we had dinner with our friends Kerry and David of CameraDojo.com, and their wives at Daimon’s Teppan Yaki in Huntington Beach.  It was a great time, and cemented the idea for me that if this photo thing goes south, I would love to be a Teppan Chef!  That just looks like a fun gig to have!

This weekend, we are, once again, hitting the road and heading out to see Dana’s family in Arizona.  Should be a good time, we have 3 photoshoots scheduled on Saturday, and the rest of the time, just hanging out with the family.  It’s a nice time of year out there now… not too hot, yet!  And, it’s not cutting into my May-October Blackout Months, so it’s all good!

If any of my peepz in the AZ wanna hookup, gimme a shout-out… we’ll set something up!

See ya later !