Hey kids!

Looks like another Wednesday is here, and once again we have been crazy busy!  Things have totally blown up the past couple months, and it looks like we are already booking portrait sessions all the way thru Thanksgiving!  Just gotta keep rolling with it, and 2009 will turn into a great year!

So, normally, if we have your email address, we’ve been sending out an email to swing by the blog, and check out our latest posts.  This was great, when we were only posting once a week, or every couple weeks, but since things have gotten more crazy, we’ve decided that 2-3 emails a week were probably waaaay too much.  So here’s the deal…

We have what’s called an RSS feed.  This allows you to set up a Blog reader to automatically update, and inform you when we post new stuff.  If you are using the latest version of FireFox, at the top, in the address bar, you will see a little Orange Box.  If you click on that, it will take you to a new page where you can tell it where you want to be updated.  It’s super easy.  I use Google’s homepage, and anytime any of the blogs I subscribe to, update, BAM!  I’m there.

If you are NOT using Firefox, scroll down to the bottom of the Blog, and click on Title that says “RSS Feeds-All Posts”.  It will do the exact same thing as the button at the top! Now go do it! 🙂

Ok, now that I got the business stuff outta the way, on to the more exciting stuff!

Ok, it’s October, it’s hot, windy, and SoCal seems to be on fire once again.  I’ve lived in Cali my whole life, and I never remember it being like this up until the past few years.  I mean, we’ve had winds, and fires and stuff, but, the past few years it seems like it’s gotten worse!

Baseball playoffs are going on.  I really can’t get into them, though.  After the Red Sox knocked my Angels out, I don’t have too much of an interest.  Maybe once the World Series starts, I can get into it again.  Other than that, it’s about 120 days until Spring Training gets started!

This weekend coming up should be pretty mellow.  Dana is heading up the the Bay Area for my sister’s baby shower.  Might get a bike ride in.  Friday night, I’m heading to the Duck’s/Sharks game with my Dad and Brother in Law.  Should be a good time!  Other than that, just try and relax some.  Dana gets back in about 1:30, and we have a photo shoot scheduled around 3:30!  Busy, I tell ya!  But it’s the kind of busy you feel good about!

Almost done here, just wanted to drop in a little sneak peek from last weekend’s engagement shoot we did with Meg and Jeff.  They were a blast to hang out with, and I’m sure once you see all the pictures, you will see how much fun, and how in love they are!  The rest of the pics should be up this weekend sometime!