Howdy Amigos!

Did I just say “Howdy”?  Yeah… I guess I did!

So, what’s been going on out there?  It’s been kinda crazy around the Sipper household, as last week I caught some gnarly summer cold, plus my ears sealed up so I couldn’t hear anything out of my right ear for a few days.  If you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve heard all about this! And now, Dana caught whatever I had, and it’s knocked her out of commission this week!  So, if you are looking for our regularly scheduled Photo Blog entries… you might need to wait until next week! 🙂

That being said, I’ve decided to start something new here on the blog, just to see how it goes.  It may go nowhere… it may turn out to be fun, and hopefully, a little informative.  So here we go…

Ask a Photographer!  Do you have questions about photography? Want to know more about any of the services we offer?  How we do the things we do? Why Nikon is better than Canon? (Just kidding Canon people… sorta! :-))  Pretty much anything!

Go ahead and drop a question for us in the comments section, and we’ll answer them in next week’s Wednesday post.

That’s all I have for now!  See ya next time!