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Hey everyone!  Recently, we were contacted by the good people at and were asked if we would like to check out a couple of their ties in exchange for blogging a bit about them.  In the past few years, as the wedding business has picked up for us, I’ve needed to step up my game as far my clothing, etc.  Dana and I end up at a lot of wedding industry mixers and other networking events where if you are not dressed up some, you look a bit out of place.  Having worked in the surf industry the past 12 years or so, I’ve been pretty accustomed to wearing shorts and T-shirts most days.  This doesn’t really fly when you are trying to impress potential clients.  The best part about is that the ties are very affordable, they have a ton of different styles and the quality is great.

I decided to check out a bow tie, since I’ve never really worn one, other than at my High School Prom.  And that was a pre-tied style.  I have to say, after searching various websites and YouTube for about an hour, I finally found a video that taught me how to tie it.  It wasn’t as easy, or as hard as I thought it would be.  Just takes some practice to get it right!  Keep on the look out for another post down the line featuring the other tie they sent me!



For more information about ties to wear  for your Wedding or Event.  Please visit

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Now that the Daylight Saving time change is upon us, it’s time for bike racing at the Great Park in Irvine to start back up again.  I haven’t been out there this year yet, but I spent quite a few Thursday nights photographing the races for fun, and for pictures to feature on the Orange County Daily Photo blog that I contribute to.  I was pretty surprised when I got an email from Orange Coast magazine a few months ago asking if they could feature one of the pictures I shot last year.  Sure, I said.  Always nice to get published!  This issue is out on the newsstands now for a few more weeks.  I suggest you go out and grab one!

I’ll even sign it for you, if you catch me in person! 🙂



Orange Coast Magazine, Irvine Great Park bike races

Orange Coast Magazine



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We are so excited to be in Broughton Quarterly again!  We just love the Broughton Family and their properties.  Jeff and I have had the pleasure of staying at the Wine Valley Inn in Solvang (we love the wine country), The Morgan in San Simeon (near Hearst Castle) and The Andreas in Palm Springs.  All of these hotels are in California and just a short drive from Orange County.  If you are looking for a weekend getaway to relax in a wonderful boutique hotel, then check them out at Broughton Hospitality.   They also have properties in Arizona, Chicago and Bali.  Yes, Indonesia… I hope my next assignment is there, so exotic!

In this issue, I photographed artist, Penelope Krebs and her story made the cover!  It is so much fun to travel to different places and meet new people to photograph.  I love my job! A big thanks to Penny for sharing her art+life with us.

If you would like to view the full issue of Broughton Quarterly’s Winter 2011 magazine online, Click Here .  You can also subscribe to receive a hard copy and learn more about the Broughton Family.  Enjoy the photos!  J+D

To See some more of Penelope’s work go to her website at .

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Do you need an updated business portrait for your business cards, website, blog or other social media profiles?  If so, we can help.  We have expressed the importance of business branding and putting your best face forward when it comes to promoting you and your brand.  It really makes a difference!  I can’t tell you how many times we have met people at events that have come up to us and recognize who we are by our photo against the brick wall on our website at Sipper Photography.  In case you have missed them, here is the link to our site so you know what we are talking about.  J+D: Our Style

We have learned that a great head shot or portrait allows you to be recognized in a professional manner to your potential clients.  Today I am sharing with you several of our latest business portraits so you can get an idea of what we are talking about.  Thanks to all of these professionals who we have worked with.  It is always a pleasure!  You guys Rock!!!

If you would like more info on doing a business portrait with Sipper Photography, please contact us at 714.348.0630 or email us at:

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Happy Friday!  Does anyone have anything fun planned this weekend?  I have been meaning to share this shot for some time now, it was from our travels to Arizona a few months ago.  We were heading to the Phoenix airport that night to pick up the hubby, so he could join us for the weekend.  As we were waiting for his flight to come in my sister Gloria and her boyfriend Jeremiah drove me over the Tempe Bridge.  I had been meaning to take a shot of this bridge for sometime now and here was my chance.  At night, it was even better!

Tempe Arizona Bridge At Night

Tempe Arizona Bridge at Night
Photo By: Dana Sipper, October 2010

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Recently, we had the pleasure of doing a portrait session with Leslie of Pixie’s Petals.  Pixie’s Petals specializes in floral design for Weddings & Events in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas.  This florist does some great work, so please stop by and check her out when you are looking for the flowers for your next event!

Leslie is so great to work with.  She has a fun personality and is very easy-going!  I just loved doing the shoot with her and collaborating our art forms with each other.  She included a fabulous bouquet in her photos, to show her brand of being a florist.  It was gorgeous!  The flowers included: Roses, Gladiolas, Succulents and Ti Leaves.

For more information on Floral Design by Pixie’s Petals please visit their website at:

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