Getting married is one of the most magnificent days in your life.  Yes, it takes a lot of planning to make this day happen, but when you finally get there it is all you ever dreamed of.  Face it ladies we were all young girls once who dreamed of our wedding dress and someday walking down the aisle to meet our true love.  When we got there, we said, “I do!”  It was the most amazing day shared with family, friends and the love of your life.  Thankfully you took your wedding photos, so you can remember that day always.

I remember the day after my wedding, the hair came down and I thought, I am someone’s wife!  One of the first things in order was to preserve my dress.  I wanted to save it, so off to the cleaner’s it went.  About a week later my dress was clean and all boxed up and ready to tuck away in the closet.  Yes, all of that money spent, worn only for one day and only a hope that someday it will come out again!  Well, Jeff and I got married almost 10 years ago.  Yes, the 10th wedding anniversary is coming up in August, I can’t wait!  At that time, that is what we did with our wedding dress.

Today, brides still box up their dresses after the wedding, but times have changed and now we do Trash the Dress sessions.  What is a trash the dress session?   Well, some literally trash the dress by taking your gown in a scene out of the ordinary.  The bride will drag the dress,  get it wet or even dirty all in the name of art.  Others will just have a relaxed shoot after the wedding in their gown…something fun, artistic and it is just another chance to wear that fabulous dress and look pretty.

Recently, I came across this new idea for an after wedding shoot when  I was asked to do a Drez the Dress shoot.  Here a wedding dress was transformed into a beautiful floral art design by Kimberly Clark of drezrehersal Event Planning & Lifestyle Co with all flowers provided by Design Floral Art Studio.

Here the bridal gown turns into a couture piece of art!

I loved doing the shoot, there was so much room for creativity, we could do something totally different then what we may do photographing a wedding day.  The idea behind the Drez the Dress shoot is that you take your dress and transform it into a piece of art for photos, then have the dress with flowers included freeze dried and framed or maybe draped on a dress form as decor in your home.  Along with that all of the fun shots from the shoot!  Here are some shots featuring a Drez the Dress shoot.   Enjoy!

Styling, Design and Production By: drezrehersal Event Planning & Lifestyle Co.

Drez the Event Make-Up & Hair By: Keesh Winkler-Smith & Jeannette Mitchell

Drez the Event Model: Chanel Ritchie

All Photography By: Sipper Photography