Happy Wednesday Everyone! Well, the holiday cards are rolling in and several have had photos that were taken by us. It is so exciting to open them up and see what everyone is up to, this year it is even better because there is our work.

Recently, our friend Amanda approached us about doing a Mini Session Day and she would invite some friends from her kids school & her church. Her family blog was up last Wednesday, with the entire Young Family…we just love all of them!

So, this holiday season, set at Irvine Park we found some really nice families. Her are a few from each session that are my favorites. We wish all of these families a very Happy Holiday!

Thank you to all of you…the Fleming, Kridle & Herner Families and Amanda for introducing all of us!

The Fleming Family

The Kridle Family



We were told to get off the tracks, but it was worth getting this one…Happy Holidays to all!