Hope everyone had a great Easter holiday weekend. We had such a fabulous time visiting my family and what made it extra special was that my friend Jill was there too with her daughter Kira. She was out for the week to visit her grandma, so we got to spend a couple of days together. Jilly and I have been friends for…uh…how long is it now? Well, I know it is at least 13 years because it was during college when I met her at PNC bank, when we were both part time bank tellers back in the day. She lives in Virginia now, with her husband Aric and 4 year old daughter Kira and there 3 dogs. As I get a little older, I realize how much I miss my old friends. We don’t get to see each other very often, but when we do, it is like it was yesterday. We just pick up where we left off, joke about our college days and dancing until 2 am. Jill and I are totally opposite in personality, but somehow we clicked. It was me who was the bad influence and had us on the dance floor until closing, along with my sister Gloria and our good friend Mary. Love ya girls!!! We are the original “Dancing Queens”…ha ha that just dated us a bit, sorry girls!  We all had the best time together and now friendships that will last forever.

Our family & friendships are so important and that is why photography is such a part of my soul because I get to solidify the moments we share with them. On this trip, Jill asked me to take photos of her daughter Kira with her grandparents because they live in Alaska now and really don’t get many photos together. I felt honored to share these moments with Jill & her family…thank you so much Jilly!

In case you didn’t notice, Kira is quite the “Ham”. I think she watches America’s Next Top Model or something because she has got her posing down. We had a lot of fun in one of our favorite places to shoot! Afterwards, we went to grab a bite to eat and Kira looked over the table and said to me…”Aunt Dana, you love to take pictures!” As I sit here and write this with my eyes full of tears, I hear her little voice. Yes Kira, I do love taking pictures!

Enjoy the moments, J+D


I love this one!

Grandma + Kira

Grandpa + Kira

Everyone’s favorite photo!

Jilly + Kira

Kira + Jilly + Grandpa + Grandma

She is gorgeous!

Playing peek-a-boo with grandma & grandpa!

Jilly + Kira + Dana

Just laughing…love ya girls!

I will miss you both until next time!