Hello to all…

Tomorrow is Friday! Hope everyone has a good one. We are heading out to Chandler, AZ for the weekend. My mom & sisters live out there and we will be shooting a few family sessions. So, we will have a little bit of work and a visit with the family. I anticipate some desert scenery portraits in our future here at the blog.

So, recently we shot this gorgeous little family. I absolutely love Little Lauren, she is 2 (most would think ahhh terrible two’s, but at least for the 1 1/2 hours we were together she was marvelous). She was absolutely precious on our quest for Peter Rabbit in the park. Grace coaxed her a bit to look at the camera by telling her to look at “Tita Dana”, I love it I always end up being everyone’s favorite Aunt Dana. Can you tell that the kids just melt my heart away?

Have I mentioned to any of you lately, that I really love what I do and to top it off I get to work with my hubby! It is J+D all the way baby!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, enjoy this walk through the park…

The Family

By the looks of that background, Lauren & I think Peter Rabbit lives there!

Mom with her little bunny Lauren

Look at Tita Dana!

It is break time…let’s go find Peter Rabbit!

I love this one!

Jun & Grace

Miss Lauren wanted back in the pictures!

Is this a beautiful couple or what?

Fall Portrait

Peace Out Family…Lauren was the cutest throwing her peace out sign

Peace Out and now I have my dolly, Lauren just plopped down in the grass at the end of the session…it is tough work being this cute!