Happy Monday to all…

We are just loving the blog thing. It motivates you to shoot as much as possible, so you can keep blogging. I love taking photo’s, photography really is our passion. I am so lucky that I get to share this passion with my hubby. When we were both in school for photography, neither one of us ever dated other artists or thought we would end up marrying another photographer.  We wouldn’t ask for it any other way because we both understand what it means to people to have there photo’s of family & friends and the events in there lives.

We love to shoot the bonds between people in beautiful locations. Lately, we have found ourselves in Downtown Orange, it is close by and this one location has a vast amount of possibilities.  This weeks session is a little more of Downtown Orange, Urban style. We had a great couple, Franjo & Kylee. Also, Kaitlyn who is Franjo’s 10 year old daughter who is gorgeous. Watch out dad because she will be a heart breaker.

Thanks guys for sharing your afternoon with us.  All of you photographed great! By the way, if you like Kylee and Kaitlyn’s hair, Kylee is a hairstylist at The W Salon in Laguna Hills, CA. You can reach her at 949-433-1279 for an appointment. She does my hair as well and I absolutely love it!

Enjoy and please let us know what you think by leaving us a comment.

Have a great week!

Jeff & Dana

Franjo & Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn I

Kaitlyn II

Kylee & Kaitlyn…those girls mean business!

Very Urban Family Portrait…I love it!

Great looking couple!

All 3 again…gorgeous!

Love this one of the girls!

Kaitlyn taking a break, but still a great picture!

Franjo & Kylee lookin’ sexy!

Here is everyone walking to our next location!

Everyone down by the Railroad Tracks

This is absolutely stunning of Kylee…the facade, downtown and B&W need I say more…the end!