Here is a Fall Family Portrait we recently did. I love this time of the year when all of the leaves have turned and they start falling to the ground.  Yesterday, I went on a walk with my two nieces and Emmi, who is almost 3 years old was having a ball walking in the leaves.  We swished through the leaves and listened to them crunch.  She then picked up armfuls of the leaves and threw them up in the air.  It was so cute!

Here is Rafael, Dominic and Kristin in the park.  Dominic had just turned a year old so not only did we do this beautiful Fall Family Portrait, but also a few shots of Dominic.  Happy Friday to all.  Enjoy the photos!   J+D


Little Dominic reading his book!

This peacock was sneaking in to our portrait of Dad and Dominic!

Dominic with his cool leather jacket in the Fall leaves!  Love the little boy retro look!