Happy Wednesday! I know we missed our weekly Wednesday blog last week, but with the Labor day holiday the days just got away from us. It was nice to hear from a couple of people that they missed our blog. Thanks to all of you who are following us every Wednesday, your dedication is appreciated.

Jeff & I have been busy shooting several family portraits and are even branching out into some commercial portraits as well. Recently, we were asked by our eye doctor, Dr. Vanessa Hsu of Private Eyes Optometry to do some pictures at her office for her website. Her photo’s came out great, so she also wanted us to do a family sitting as well.

Here is one of the pictures of her at the office, if anyone needs to check out a new eye doctor, she is located in Orange off of the 55 Fwy and Chapman Avenue…she is great & her staff is very friendly.

Dr. Vanessa Hsu at Private Eyes Optometry

So, not only is her office great, but she has a wonderful family as well. During the Labor Day Holiday weekend we met up with all of them at Irvine Park and took some family photo’s! It was a great time, the kids were a lot of fun and everyone looked great! We even got to check out the ponies at the end, the kids were so well behaved during the sitting that we thought they deserved a pony ride.

I love what I do and it is even better when you get the chance to work with amazing people. At the end of the sitting we thanked Dr. Hsu and her Family for letting us take there pictures, I squatted down to the kids and her little boy gave me a hug and said good-bye to me. My heart was so full and it reminded me how much I love photography and the impression it makes on peoples lives (even little people)…this is why I do what I do!

Here you go…enjoy!


Pony Rides anyone???