I am so excited it is Christmas Eve! We will be heading out this afternoon to Chandler, Arizona to spend Christmas with my mom, uncle and sisters. Before we head out though, I wanted to make sure I got to this post.  As I promised 5 days ago, I was going to do a holiday portrait session post each day until Christmas and I am one to keep my word. This post features Jonson, Samantha, Sophia, August and Tatiana. If you are wondering, yes they are triplets! I saved this one for last because I felt that it was quite an accomplishment, I mean we got triplets to not only cooperate for their holiday photos, but just look absolutely adorable as well. We first met the family on Halloween when we shot their one year birthday celebration and were so happy they asked us to do their holiday portrait as well.  We look forward to watching these three grow and just want to wish them all a very happy holidays season! Cheers, J+D

Jonson, Sophia, Tatiana, Samantha and August

August, Sophia and Tatiana

Three beautiful personalities!

Just the girls!

I love to take a photo of the parents, you gotta remember how all of this love started!

And one for the road…have a very happy holiday everyone! Much love, J+D