Happy Monday to all my peeps! I know a lot of you are probably back to work after all our holiday breaks…Holidays? Where did those go? Back to the swing of things and growing this photo business! I love sharing with you all the wonderful people we get to meet. Here is Audri & her daughter Alyssa, who is just the cutest thing. I am completely amazed by these pics…and I took them. Just to watch the chemistry between people, but to capture it as well is just a gift. That is how I feel, I have a gift to bring out the emotion in others and freeze it in time. Since time passes so quickly, this is a valuable gift.  Later we can open the freezer of memories and just look back, and remember!

Here are these two fabulous gals…Enjoy! BTW…don’t forget to leave us some love and comment at the end!  J+D

This first one was in Alyssa’s Christmas outfit…the rest of the sitting was her & mom…Just Because