Ya gotta love workin’ at the beach…yesterday we shot pictures of Amber and her son Ant. We spent some time at the Pier and walking in downtown Seal Beach, CA. If there are any modeling agencies out there looking for a great looking kid, look no further because I found him for you. I have exclusive rights to taking his photo’s though…hehehe! Seriously, these two did a wonderful job, wind and all.

Ant is 10 years old, I made him sit on top of the news stands, lay in front of a train…even sit at the bar for dinner at Taco Surf (but it saved us from waiting 30-40 minutes for seating) all and all he was a good sport, he even smiled and took his hat off for a few. That isn’t easy for a 10 year old boy finding his way in the world.

Miss Amber exclaimed she isn’t one for her having her photo taken, but felt 10 years was a long enough time passed never having a portrait of her and her son. I don’t know why she didn’t do it sooner because she did a beautiful job, I think her single days are over.

Anyway, thanks so much to both of you for sharing your special bond with us. Here is what you all have been waiting for, don’t forget to leave us some love.


Lots of Love!!

Ant is a goof ball…he did a whole series of laying down and the train a coming!

The sun was setting for them…so pretty!

Time to catch the bus…actually we went to Taco Surf! THE END, thanks again to Amber & Ant.