Hey Everyone!

Well, tomorrow, here in the US, it’s Thanksgiving Day.  A day for getting together with family, eating waaaay more than we probably should, and generally giving thanks for all the things in our life.  Looking back over this year, we’ve got a ton to be thankful for.  We’ve met some wonderful people, got to take some great pictures, and really started to get our business up and running!

One of the wonderful people we had the chance to work with this year are the good people at Broughton Hospitality.  I had added Suzanne Broughton to my list of people to follow over on Twitter, and after checking out some of our blog entries, she shot us an email saying how she liked our work, and if we’d be interested in heading out to Palm Springs to take a few pics for their hotels’ magazine.  Heck ya!  Anytime, we can get out of town, and hit the road, you know we are down!

The magazine with our pictures came out a few weeks ago, and we got our copy when we stayed at the Wine Valley Inn up in Solvang, another one of their beautiful hotels!  Wow!  The pics look great!  The magazine looks great!  And we got our name, and a little bio on the contributor page! Sweeeeet!

The guy in the picture above is Tim Esser, who runs the Tour de Palm Springs Bike Ride.  He was a cool guy, and since I ride bikes as well, we talked some about different local rides and bike stuff.   He even offered me an invite to ride in next years ride.  Now just to get myself back in shape enough to roll 100 miles again!  Here is the the picture of him, not on the page! 🙂

A few weeks after we shot in Palm Springs we got another call from BQ to shoot one of their employees for the spotlight page in the back of the magazine.  We met up with Ever and his wife, who drove down from Santa Monica to the Orange Circle, and we wandered around shooting a few different places.  We loved his natural, relaxed look here.  He was fun to work with!

Here is his pic, not on the page!

If you want to check out the entire magazine online, visit Broughton Hospitality.  If you wanna check out a great, fun to read blog about life in Orange County, check out Suzanne’s Blog.  It’s chock full of good stuff!

Well, that’s all I have for this week.  Have a great Thanksgiving day, and watch our for flying rolls at the dinner table!  Oh wait, that’s just at my house.  I’ll post more about that another time!