Hey everyone!

As you can tell, we still haven’t come up with a catchy name for the weekly blog, so, for now, ‘Weekly Wednesday” will have to do.

Once again, Dana and I had a fairly easy going weekend.  I spent Saturday morning out on my bike, trying to get back into riding shape.  32 miles, and my legs were dying!  Only about 200 miles so far this year.  Pretty low compared to the past few years where I would have between 1200 and 1500 miles by now.  Still trying to decide if i’m going to ride in this years MS-150 bike ride, as I have the past two years.  A few things are factoring in this decision, that maybe i’ll go into later on, once I figure out what i’m going to do.

After getting back from the ride, we ran errands.  The eye doctor, Linens and Things, and then decided to beat the heat, and go to the movies and see “Wanted”.  It was a fun movie, great action, decent story, plus our pal, Angelina (who we sat next to at dinner last December, with Brad and their daughter, Shiloh), how could you really go wrong?!

Sunday was more of the same, just took it easy.  We did decide to upgrade our desktop computer, and found a great deal on a smokin’ machine at Circuit City.  I spent the afternoon getting it all dialed in.  Wow… this machine is extremely fast, and with 6gb of RAM in it, I can switch between all my programs in no time at all!

This weekend, Dana’s family is riding into town from Arizona.  Not sure of the plans, other then to have a good time, and maybe go get some more BBQ!

Since we laid low this past weekend, we really didn’t pull the camera out, so I will leave you with a shot from last December when we were in New Orleans.  I love digging through old pics, and seeing new things.


Jeff and Dana