Hey kids!

Looks like we’ve been a little lax in the Weekly Wednesday blog department lately.  We’ve either been out of town, or just too busy to sneak one of these in!  But that’s ok… we’re back this week, and besides… we’ve thrown a few new portrait blogs up lately, and I know how much ya’ll love the pictures!

Like I said before, we’ve been busy this past month or so.  Looking forward to October, every single weekend appears to be booked solid, with either portrait sittings, both in town and out, my sister’s baby shower that Dana is flying up for (I get to stay home, and go to the Ducks vs. Sharks Hockey game with my Brother in law), and, of course, the Cerritos Ukulele Festival next weekend!

Next thing you know, Thanksgiving and Christmas wil be here!  Of course, it’s already Christmastime at Costco.  We were in there a few weeks ago and they already had all their Holiday stuff up.  It seems to get earlier and earlier every year!  Jeeeeeeez!

It is officially Fall now.  The weather is starting to change.  It was actually 60 degrees when I got into my car this morning.  Still wearing shorts though!  I figure I have another couple weeks, before I have to bust out the pants.

Time to start thinking of our Christmas card this year.  Dana and I usually do some kind of Photo card every year.  We get all these great ideas to do something fun, and then, at the last minute, we can’t decide, and just dig out a picture from earlier in the year, or set up the tripod, and throw something together.  This year?  Hmmmm, not sure.  Anybody have any good ideas?

Now time for the part of the blog most of you come on by for.  The pictures!  Last week Dana and I drove out to Las Vegas for the 4th time this year.  I swear this is the most we’ve been to Vegas in one year… Anyways… We weren’t even going to go, but we managed to book a small sitting, Dana’s family was heading out that way, plus my Dad was having his “bachelor party”. (He never had one when he married my mom, so my brother in law decided to have one 37 years later).  I didn’t tell him I was heading out, so it was a bit of a surprise to him, which is always fun!  And to top it off, our neighbors booked a room at the last minute, and let us crash in their room… It totally worked out!!

We had a great time, took a few pictures, gambled a bit, and had a few margaritas.  The only person who won any real cash was Dana’s mom, who hit a progressive slot machine for $1788!  Not bad at all!  I think she was pretty much in shock!

Enjoy the pics, and we’ll see ya soon.  Keep checking back in the next week as we have a couple more blog entries spooling up for ya!


Mom was the “Big Winner” at the Orleans Casino..Cajun Quarters Baby!

J+D Enjoying a Margarita…ahhh ya!

Ain’t that the truth!!!

My sister Gloria & Jeremiah looking sexy at the Golden Nugget

Binion’s Downtown Las Vegas