Hey Kids!

In the midst of another excitingly busy week here.  Between day jobs, and some great portrait sittings we’ve done lately, its been a lot of late nights, and early coffee filled mornings.  This weekend looks to be a lot of fun though.  We will be traveling out to Palm Springs on a mini work/vacation.  Of course it should be a lot of fun, and we have a portrait session set up, along with a few shots in a restaurant all for a travel/hospitality magazine.  We’ll post more details next week 🙂

Is anyone else enjoying this summer weather as much as I have?  I may be jinxing it here by saying so, but I don’t think it has gotten above 85 for most of the summer.  I wear shorts and sandals to work everyday, and it’s even been a slight bit chilly when I first walk out the door.

Any Ukulele players out there?  I’m thinking of checking out the Cerritos Ukulele Festival in October, and was wondering if it was any good?  Seems to be a decent price, like $19 for all day festivities, including workshops.  I picked up my Uke about a year ago when Dana and I were in Maui for our anniversary.  The Hotel we stayed at offered free lessons, and I was the only one that turned up.  Instantly hooked.  I’ve played guitar, very badly, for about 14 years now, and the Ukelele is about 1000 times easier, but I’m still lacking decent technique.  I’m certainly no Jake Shimabukaro!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  We’ve gotten a lot of response to our weekly Blogs, and we thank you for it!  Remember to add yourself to our Facebook page.  We may be running some Facebook only specials in the near future, and you definitely don’t wanna miss out on those!

And here is the picture of the week.  While Dana was hard at work doing a portrait session in Seal Beach, I was screwing around taking detail shots of the area.  I particularly like this one!