Hey kids!

It seems it’s been a few weeks since the last installment of the Weekly Wednesday post, or as Dana likes to call it, “Jeff’s rant about something post”!  We’ve been pretty busy and had a few, much more interesting things to post up, so the Weekly posts have slipped away a bit.

So, like I’ve said, we’ve been fairly busy.  Between shoots, and appointments, and seeing friends, our calendar has been pretty full.  This past weekend brought us dinner with our friends, Kerry and Karen, a photoshoot with the Andersen family, and their newest edition, Josie, dinner with my cousin, Kristen, and her friend Kristen, and we shot some Gift baskets on Sunday.  All the while, both of us were dealing with a bit of head cold all week.

It’s a good thing we love what we do, I mean, really… how could we not?  We get to make friends with amazing people, and we make pictures people love.  I could thing of waaaay worse ways to spend our days! 🙂

This weekend seems to be more of the same, with a photoshoot for a Charity we are working with up in LA, and a bridal show at the OC Mining Co on Sunday evening.  If you are in the neighborhood, you should swing by, and say HI.  I think it is a $5 fee to get in, but they have food, and you might win a free engagement session with us!

I might even try and sneak a bike ride in this weekend with OCRR!

Speaking of bike rides, I love the time change.  It’s giving me a chance to get out a couple times a week to ride after work with my bike club.  So far this year I have more miles than I had ALL of last year.  Last year was a really off year for me.  Just by looking at the numbers, I can tell where the extra 10 lbs. I’m carrying came from!  They should belt away pretty quick, once I get longer and longer rides in!

For those of you in the Chandler/Mesa/Tempe Area of Arizona, Dana and I will be out there April 10-11.  We have a few shoots setup, but might be able to squeeze you in!  Also, for any photographers around there, if you wanna meet up for Drinks and to talk shop, hit us up… our schedule at night is reasonably free! 🙂

Well, that should just about wrap up what’s happening in our neck of the woods.  Just keeping busy, living the dream! 🙂