Hola Amigos!

What’s happening out there?  It seems we’ve been slacking a bit with the Weekly Wednesday posts recently, and that needs to change! We’ve been crazy busy, meeting new people, taking great pictures, and generally, BUSY!  Busy is GOOD, right?  At least we’ve dropped some great picture posts lately!

So, for those of you on Facebook (and face it, who ISN’T on Facebook anymore… even my mom is!) what do ya’ll think of the “25 things” posts that have been going on lately?  I, for one, can’t seem to pull myself away from reading all of them.  Even people on my Friend’s list that I’m not super close to.  I get to find out all sorts of new things about them!

Even better than playing MyFarm!

So, other than being super busy, I’ve been getting back on my bike, and riding pretty well.  Rode a 43 mile ride with about 2200 feet of climbing last Sunday.  I thought it was going to kick my butt, but I felt pretty good afterwards!  I have the Tour de Palm Springs next Saturday… 100 miles, and not a ton of climbing.  It should be a fun ride.  A little bummed that my buddy, Tony, isn’t going to be riding with me this time.  Tweaked his shoulder helping a woman change a tire.  Next year!

And speaking of Sunday… did you watch the Superbowl?  Looks like my Pittsburgh Steelers squeaked it out, and beat that other team from AZ.  Being a lifelong Steelers fan, it’s always nice to see them win!

So, another cool thing happened this week.  Over at CameraDojo.com, our friend Kerry, who hosts the weekly podcast gave us a little shoutout in an interview about using video with Vu Bui, of the Bui Bros.  He mentioned our video that we posted about a month ago, and how it could be used as an example to show clients how we work.  Of course, he made fun of my mad video skills, or lack thereof.  No worries… Kerry is a cool guy, and, along with David Esquire, put on an educational, and entertaining Podcast.  Great for photographers on any skill level! 🙂

Geez, Jeff can just go on for days, can’t he? Love ya babe, but the wifey is here to put her two cents in! Well, I am sneaking in on this post to share with you a wedding vendor in which I met with a few weeks ago…busy meeting new people as Jeff said and an awesome person at that. I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Calagna of Rebecca Calagna Events, she specializes in Event Planning & Custom Party Designs. Rebecca and I chatted over lunch at Panera Bread about our two businesses and our personalities just meshed so well. She is totally talented and can help you with your wedding or special event in all facets including custom invitations & favors and such. All around Rebecca is a great girl, with a great style and I hope our two styles collide a lot in the next years as we work together.

Well, I think that is all for J+D this week! Happy Hump Day to you all!