Hey Kids,

So, Dana and I just got back from a great little weekend up in Solvang.  We’ll have a full post with pictures coming later in the week.  For now, I just say, that for the first time in, probably close to 7 or 8 trips to Solvang, I finally found and ate the Aebelskiver!

Now, for those of you who have never heard of an Aebelskiver (and I don’t blame you, I’ve never seen them outside of Solvang), it is basically a pancake type ball of dough that has been cooked, topped with jam, and some powdered sugar.

This time I was on a quest to get one.  I’m sure Dana was tired of me talking about them! The last couple times I’ve been up there, the one shop that sells them was always closed!  Seems like most things in Solvang shut down early.  So, after a 1/2 day of wine tasting near Los Olivos, we made sure we were back early enough to finally get some!

I gotta say, they are worth the wait!

So, first, you stand in line, and wait.  It moves quickly though!

Then you pay, or in my case, have Dana pay! 🙂

Oh yeaaaah!  Look at those!  You know you want some now!

Yours truly, about to eat his very first Aebelskiver!  Mmmmmm!

This is the look Dana gave me all day whenever I mentioned the Aebelskiver.  I dunno if she was sold on them… I’m sure she’ll say something like Beignets are better!

Look for a much larger post later on in the week, with a full Solvang wrap-up, including winery reviews, and why Pea Soup Andersens should be avoided at all costs, no matter how much people try and tell you it’s a great place!