Hey everyone!

Dana and I have been talking about trying to make one day a week a regular blogging day.  Right now, we are thinking of either Tuesday or Wednesday.  Since I didn’t get around to it yesterday, this week’s will be Wednesday!

We need a catchy name for our update, ya know… make it sound good! Any suggestions would be great!

So, you ask, “What’s new with Jeff and Dana?”  Well, not a ton right now.  We spent last weekend in Arizona, seeing Dana’s mom and sisters.  Had some good BBQ at Joe’s BBQ in Gilbert, some good adult beverages at Four Peaks Brewery, and generally hung out.  Well, at least I did.  Dana matted and framed some of our pictures, and hung them in her Mom’s new house.  I gotta say, she did a great job, and the house looks nearly completed now!  Surprisingly, even though we brought the camera, I think Dana was too busy to even pull it out of the bag!

We are also in the beginning stages of redesigning the site again.  The Blog here is fairly new, and still needs some tweaking, so that’s coming along smooth.  It seems every time we re-do the site, we see other sites that we like, and would love to incorporate a few ideas.  Hopefully we’ll have a new one up by the end of July.

Should be a good weekend coming up.  No real plans.  Hopefully, if it is not blazing hot out, I’ll get out for a bike ride.  Other than that, we might get out and test (play around) with one of the new cameras and lenses we just bought.  It just arrived on Monday, and other than playing around a bit in the house, we haven’t had the time to really see wha it can do!  For now, I’ll leave you with this picture I shot this morning while making an espresso before heading out the door.  Let us know what ya think!