Happy Monday to everyone…it is a special Monday for us! Today is our dog Max’s birthday, he is 5 years old today! I don’t know if you all know the story of how we got Max…well a while back Jeff & I decided we wanted a dog. I guess we were gonna try a dog before kids or something like that! Anyway, we started to visit the local Pound here in Orange and on one day in October of 2004 we met Max. Jeff & I decided on a small dog since we live in a townhome with no yard…this was our second trip and we didn’t see a dog that connected with us, so we were on our way out. Just as we were leaving the gates and there was Max and his sister, a wiener dog  who were both going to be given up for adoption. The lady asked the two of us if we were looking for a dog, both of us said “Yes”! Jeff immediately knelt down and took to Max right away! Max’s previous owner had an ill mother in Europe and was going to have to take off for several months to care for her, she had no one who could take two dogs, so was going to give them up.  I thought the weiner dog was a good size, but Jeff really liked Max! He was happy, scruffy and just plain cute. We decided that Max was our dog, so the lady just handed us his leash,  she said he was fixed, had his shots and stuff and she would mail us all the paperwork. How lucky is that?

Jeff, me & Max walked back to the car, so excited to go home! We just loved our dog right from the start and he is still the best! He has such an easy-going personality, sleeps in with me, cuddles on the couch, just a great dog!

Here is a photo of him after his grooming on Friday…because everyone has to look good for their birthday! Max thanks his grammy, she got him his new look!