So, as of this very minute, Dana and I have been married exactly 7 years!  Happy Anniversary Baby! 🙂

Here we are on out 4th anniversary, bottling port at the great Silver Horse Winery in Paso Robles.  We actually went there to taste some wine on a recommendation from a friend.  The winemaker was out there, and informed us he was out of wine, but if we came back the next day, we could help him bottle port!  How cool is that?

So that is exactly what we did.  The funny thing is, for the next three years, we carried that bottle of port around with us on every anniversary with every intention on drinking it, but, for whatever reason, it just never happened!

Well, this past weekend, we were out in Palm Springs, on a work/getaway weekend that included a couple portraits, a few free drinks, and that bottle of port.  And I gotta say, it was pretty good.  Not just the port, but the time to be able to spend with my wife just relaxing, and having more crazy adventures like we always seem to get into!

I love you Dana! Thanks for a wonderful 7 years, and the best times of my life! 🙂