A few weeks ago my friend Suz Broughton invited me to lunch with a few girls who are fellow bloggers in the Orange County area. We had a great lunch at the Filling Station in Orange.   Suzanne & I both splurged on the Filling Station special which is a burger with bacon, avocado, chedder, swiss, lettuce, tomato and onion. We both ordered it with “no yucky onions” said Suz and well if you are gonna order the burger you have to have the fries to go with it too.

We all had such a fabulous time that we decided to have lunch again today, so we made our way to the Irvine Spectrum where we met at the California Pizza Kitchen. Today we behaved and had salads no burgers! Some of the same girls came Suz, Marcy, and Julie, we missed Elaina she couldn’t make it this time, but we’ll see her again. Our new girls were Rochelle and  Kristin who makes fabulous cupcakes, she brought us each one…thanks again Kristin, I saved mine to share with the hubby!

So, today I was in good company thanks to all my new friends! Here is a shot I took at the end with my mad point & shoot Skills! Marcy is the fabulous red head who is laughing because I don’t think she believed I could get us all in, but I did it. Will have to get a group shot of everyone next time!

Have a great weekend…J+D


Rochelle, Marcy, Suz & Me