It’s Monday and it’s business time! As most of you know Jeff and I are a very easy-going and casual couple who likes to have fun. As you scroll through our website and blog at  Sipper Photography you will see a more relaxed lifestyle portrait when it comes to engagement and family portrait sessions. We have carried this style through to our business portraits as well, so your profile photos are more relaxed, fun and show the real you.

Recently, we put together this collage of some individual portraits that have been used for both personal and business use. Most of these were shot for various business people in Orange County to promote their business. Some wanted a nice casual shot as well for use on many of their social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  It seems like it is so important these days to put a face to a name. I know in the photography business it is great for your clients to see a photo of you while they are looking at your website or blog. It allows for more of a personal experience and it makes them feel like they already know you when they actually meet you. I don’t know how many times people have mentioned the shot of Jeff and I against the brick wall, you can see it here. They always remember that was Sipper Photography, J+D. We have learned a great profile photo is a very important part of your branding and what you want to represent as an individual or company.

We have worked with many great people and have had our photos in various magazines, brochures and online for websites, blogs and social media sites. We love what we do and it is a fabulous feeling knowing that we are helping to make others successful. If you are in need of a new or updated profile photo for business or personal use, visit us at Sipper Photography. Have a great week, J+D!

1st Row: Andrea, Business Owner and OC Blogger
2nd Row: Brandon, Smart Levels Media
3rd Row: Joey, Smart Levels Media
4th Row: Kaylene, OC Accounting Services
5th Row: Charlie and Aimee, Broughton Hospitality
6th Row: Stephen, Broughton Hospitality