The new issue of the Broughton Magazine is out and Sipper Photography is one of the contributing photographers this summer. This is our third issue that we have contributed to and we continue to meet some wonderful people and visit many areas where the Broughton properties are located.

Our first shoot was a profile shot of the artist Peggy Oki.  I spoke with Peggy on the phone previously about the shot, and what I had in mind to feature her. She described the perfect spot in which we would shoot, and so we headed up the coast to the Carpinteria Bluffs. When we arrived at Peggy’s home, we chatted for a bit and got a chance to view the art on her walls. We needed to finalize her wardrobe for the portrait, so she wanted me to take a peek in her closet to see what she should wear. She explained that most of the time, she dressed accordingly in her shorts, a tank and flip flops whether she was off to paint or surf some waves, that was all a girl needed. So, I put my “stylist hat” on and I rooted through Peggy’s closet, during this time Jeff happened to look over and saw an autographed poster from the film Lords of Dogtown on the wall. It was at that moment that he realized she was one of the original Zephyr team riders. Peggy Oki was the only girl on the skateboarding team that eventually went pro. She starred in the documentary film Dogtown and Z-Boys. Later, she studied Biology & Art where her passion for sea life and painting came about. It truly was an honor to meet her and spend time photographing her.

We had a great time with Peggy, here is the feature shot that Broughton used in the article about Peggy Oki where my vision became reality.

The shoot was such a great success that I wanted to share a few more our favorite images. We hope that you will check out her online gallery and Origami Whales Project at

A special thanks to Peggy, your passion is an inspiration!

Our next venture for the Broughton Magazine was a trip out to Palm Springs, where we had feature shots of a boutique store and a profile shot of the General Manager of the Andreas Hotel & Spa.

Oooh La La was Broughton’s featured boutique which is located in Downtown Palm Springs. I had walked by there on the morning of the Tour de Palm Springs back in February after seeing Jeff off to ride. I remembered taking a photo of the mannequins they had in the window. What a fun place, full of women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, baby items, pet stuff and gift ideas. It was great to go in and photograph all the little details of this boutique. We had several photos featured in this spread, here are just a few.

The Store Front

You can’t miss the dog outside and the mannequins in the window…stop in next time!

Finally, we met Charlie Robles, the General Manager of the Andrea Hotel and Spa. Broughton includes a spotlight section that features one of the employees in the company. They truly have some wonderful people working in the Broughton family. Charlie was a fun and witty guy and we enjoyed meeting him and visiting the Andreas property again. We actually stayed there last August and just loved it!

Thank you Charlie for your time, you rock!

We invite you to check out the entire issue of Broughton Magazine as well as Broughton Hospitality for your next getaway. Until next time! J+D